March 4, 2020

Borrowing with Credit Checker entry possible online?

Are you looking for a loan without a Credit Checker and have received a rejection from your house bank because of negative Credit Checker entries? Here you will find tips and all information about loans for people with Credit Checker problems as well as reputable providers who can help you if necessary.

You may be surprised, but in some cases, you are not at all dependent on the expensive small loans without Credit Checker, which are granted by foreign banks and brokered by domestic credit brokers.

If you meet certain, but very narrow, requirements, a normal loan on fair terms cannot be ruled out, even with negative Credit Checker entries.

We show you how to proceed with borrowing and whether and when a loan application can be successful despite negative Credit Checker entries.

Tips and summary


  1. Multiple loan denials can indicate overindebtedness. Loans with and without Credit Checker are only granted if there is sufficient income to be repaid. Never try to pay debts with new debts. The solution to overindebtedness is not a new loan, but the use of technical advice, for example from a debt counseling center.
  2. Even Credit Checker-free loans are not granted if there are certain hard negative Credit Checker entries. If credit providers find entries in the official debtor register on insolvency, warrant, sworn insurance or ongoing enforcement measures, any loan is definitely excluded.
  3. Obtain self-disclosure from the Credit Checker before you start your first loan request. If you find any inaccuracies, correct them. If possible, clean up any outstanding claims. For example, pay the forgotten phone bill. Entries for claims up to $ 1,000 will be deleted immediately after settlement. Other completed entries are only removed after a three-year deletion period. If an entry is completed, the credit chance increases.
  4. Think about the additional collateral you can provide. Even branch banks now and then look over minor Credit Checker problems if security is available.
  5. Never rush to apply for expensive small loans without a Credit Checker. Try normal installment loans first. If your house bank definitely refuses to grant a loan, you have three other options online: You can use a loan comparison to find a provider who is willing to lend in your case. You can try a reputable credit broker. Or you can try your luck on a platform that arranges loans from private to private.
  6. Only when all options have been exhausted to get a conventional loan, you should think about a Credit Checker-free loan.
  7. There is bad news for the self-employed and retirees: You cannot get loans without Credit Checker information. Even harmless, small Credit Checker problems make it very difficult to grant a loan.

First step: loan request from Credit Checker at the house bank

First step: loan request from Credit Checker at the house bank

Negative Credit Checker entries do not make a loan from the house bank or another branch bank from the outset futile.

If you know your Credit Checker problems before you apply for a loan from your house bank for the first time, you should bring up the topic during the consultation and look for possible solutions together with the advisor.

If you are a good and otherwise solvent customer, there are certain chances of lending.

If you are confronted with negative Credit Checker problems after submitting your application, a new start is recommended. In this case, however, you will need to improve your original loan request.

Again for clarification: loan applications if there are hard Credit Checker entries are hopeless.

Loan applications are also hopeless if the freely available income above the seizure allowance is not sufficient to service the rate. In these cases, borrowing by a third person remains at best.

If, on the other hand, there are soft Credit Checker entries, it is more likely to grant a loan.

Your house bank is likely to be more open to granting a loan if the causes of Credit Checker entries that have not yet been deleted have been corrected, or if there are minor details such as forgotten bills.

This is especially true if you are a good bank customer with a secure income. Secured employees and civil servants or civil servants are privileged in this regard.

Additional collateral helps dispel the bank’s fear of default. Vehicle financing, for example, will often not be jeopardized by smaller Credit Checker entries.

Because the vehicle can be transferred to the bank as security by handing over the letter. A security deposit can be pledged. The same applies to building society contracts or life insurance policies.

Second step: credit inquiries from direct banks and credit intermediaries

Second step: credit inquiries from direct banks and credit intermediaries

If the house bank shows stubbornness, it does not have to mean the end of the loan request. Direct banks and credit intermediaries operating online can help in some cases.

Direct Banking

If the house bank says “no”, this does not mean that direct banks come to the same conclusion.

Banks have different lending guidelines, and there may well be some direct banks that overlook certain minor dents in the Credit Checker file.

With a loan comparison, which contains almost all well-known internet banks, you can try to find a provider who is willing to lend despite their Credit Checker problems.

The banks involved in a credit comparison generally rate credit inquiries as condition inquiries, so that a lasting deterioration in creditworthiness cannot be expected from the inquiries alone.

Credit Providers

However, the search for a direct bank ready for lending is very complex.

Borrowers generally do not know in advance which banks overlook and which do not overlook minor creation problems. Typically, many loan requests will be necessary to succeed.

It is easier to engage a reputable credit broker, even if this can result in low additional costs in individual cases.

Credit brokers know which of their partner banks are generally willing to lend despite negative Credit Checker entries.

They also specialize in arranging loans in difficult cases. Customers who use a credit intermediary online often have to deal with creditworthiness problems.